Wendy Steinberg

Artwork by Wendy Steinberg

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Artist’s Summary

My passion for creating art emerged in my pre-teen years. One of my favorite memories in developing my creative art process emerged on the dry crusty earth of Arizona. The land behind my Grandparents home became my first Art Exhibit.

Using my Grandmama’s garden hoe, I etched very large designs of horses into the dry hard earth. After completing my etchings I took my little red wagon and my dog chubby and off we went to collecting rocks about the size of grapefruits to strategically place each rock into the groves of my etchings, giving an added dimension to my designs. Felt quite proud of my completed art works, outlined in desert rocks. I received praise and encouragement from my supportive and loving grandparents. The best reward!

Adding to my encouragement, crop-dusting pilots flying brightly colored double-wing airplanes overhead would rock the wings of their planes up and down in recognition of my art work, making my day! To this day, I credit my wonderful Grandparents for nurturing, encouraging, and supporting my passion for making art.