Cynthia Carino

Artwork by Cynthia Carino

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Artist’s Summary

I have used art for my mental stability.

Charcoal, Paints, sponges, brushes, anything I could get my hands on to use and create something incredible to show my friends and family.

I had to prove to myself that I could complete something that I was passionate about and work on perfecting it so that I could help someone in some way.

I believe that through my art I am able to compartmentalize my thoughts and calm my mind. If making art makes me feel so good I can only hope it has the ability to touch someone’s heart and help them see their greatness.

We are all able to tap into our creative souls. We are all able to be inspired by other people and other things.

I happen to have chosen painting as my form of expression and something I’ve dedicated the past 15 years towards.

I want to help anyone who has any issues regarding mental health even through this pandemic to get through life and try and make it seem a little easier.

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