Colleen Kitchen

Artwork by Colleen Kitchen –
Art from what normal people toss

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Artist’s Summary

Meet Colleen Kitchen. I’m a musician by trade. I do visual art to combat insanity. I have felt compelled to make art out of that subset of “found art” that’s considered rubbish since the oughts. No scouring curio shops for me: I find my material in ditches, roadsides and storm drains, and sometimes snatched up before they land in my own personal rubbish bin. I’ve worked with many types of trash, including plastic bags, bottle caps, wine corks, wine foils plastic drinking straws, paperboard, styrofam, metal / plastic bits and bobs, and junk mail, discovering my own techniques in the process.

No amount of preaching about the environment or climate change will ever change anyone’s heart. The message needs to hit in a visceral way. While on the surface, my pieces are whimsical and light-hearted, the raw material is never so refined that you can’t tell what it was. The darker underlying message is really: “Why is all this ‘stuff’ out there?” The best I can hope for from showing this work is that perhaps it will make one or two people think, really think, about the insanity of our consumerist way of life and all the mountains and mountains of “stuff” we blithely throw away.

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