Glenda Goodrich

Artwork by Glenda Goodrich

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Artist’s Summary

I am a mixed media artist and trained SoulCollage® facilitator. I learned mixed media art techniques through mentoring from my mother (a professional artist and art instructor for 45 years), educational workshops, and self-taught experimentation. I enjoy helping others find their journey toward wholeness through creativity by teaching SoulCollage®, mixed media collage, mono-printing, paper arts, and other classes that focus on individual artistic expression. I describe myself as an “art doula” because help others birth their original creativity. My students describe my teaching style as welcoming, open, warm and supportive. Through my teaching and guidance people find simple joyful ways to awaken creativity and find passion in life.

My work in mixed media collage combines my love of symmetry with my joy of discovering the unexpected. This visual mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar represents a desire for stability and balance in life while remaining open to possibilities. I want my artwork to capture my personal paradox, the push and pull of remaining who I am while allowing spaciousness for change and discovery.

Working in collage allows me to experiment with complex layering to highlight contradictions in color, texture and shape. I use repeated patterns and rich textures, and designs are revealed in the process.

I want to be the entire artist I can be in this lifetime. For me, the most important thing is to continue creating, finding inspiration from the unseen forces and strengthening my ability to make art that comes from a place deep within. I invite the viewer to take a closer look, and like myself, step into the unknown.

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