Artwork by Allyson Flagg-Miller

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Artist’s Summary

Allyson Flagg-Miller is a noted conservationist, published artist, author, and lecturer. Flagg-Miller understands that art is life. How you do one thing, is how you do all things.

Her long-term relationship with oil painting began as a child when she was befriended and mentored by Oregon’s Renaissance Western Artist Ray Eyerly, who recognized her natural talent to see the world and to paint. Her mediums are oils, pen and ink, and chalk oils.

Allyson holds two Masters from OSU in Natural Resources and Sustainable Natural Resources, where she is known as the Barefoot Ecologist. Her thesis, The Cougar, The Tick, And Human Wellbeing; The Social, Economic, and Ecological Valuations Of Living with Cougars in Oregon, has been published and in use at Eastern Universities to help reestablish cougar on the Eastern shores. And of course, her art in pen and ink is featured in this document. Allyson was a publicly elected official for Oregon’s Marion Soil and Water Conservation District where she contributed to their Rual Handbook. She has written and illustrated several books on ecology, as well as commission illustrations for other authors.

Allyson expresses her art not only on canvas, but also on her circa 1800’s Oregon Pioneer homestead she inherited. She has won awards for her Savanah Oak riparian restoration and ecologically compatible organic permaculture farming.  With one good shovel and her hands, she has planted 1000 trees on her farm. Her love of Nature is the main topic of many of her detailed master level oil paintings. As basically a self-taught artist, Allyson is always reaching for God’s light, found on the edges of all life on a good sunny day, or framed by a rainy day’s sun droplets. It is the part of life that warms your soul.

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