Patricia Young

Artwork by Patricia Young

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Artist’s Summary

I love painting outdoors – en plein air. Peaceful vistas, garden paths, and places where people go to spend time and relax are scenes that inspire me to paint. My love of French Impressionism influences the way I approach my paintings. Color and light are the elements I strive to capture.

I paint with both oil and aqueous mediums. I enjoy each for its unique qualities: the rich hues and textural nature of oil paints, and the soft, transparent array of hues provided by watercolors. With acrylics I appreciate that they are both textural and transparent.

When I’m painting outdoors, I become connected with the surrounding colors and atmosphere of the landscape. When I’m painting from sketches or photo references, I am taken back to that place and time and I feel as though I’m reliving the experience as I paint the scene.

Painting has always been my choice of expressions as a visual artist.

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