Art Chat

Sharing our passion for art is one way to keep our spirits up and our talents honed. We can help encourage each other by coming together and having a dialog about our common interests, artistic processes and creative projects. —Jim Richards (Session Host)

Art Chat Overview

Art Chat will be held once a month on the First Tuesday of each month. Mark your calendar. Sessions are conducted via Zoom and begin at 6:00 pm. This forum provides a way for our artist community to connect and socialize online. We share our art and techniques provide constructive feedback (if desired). Everyone is welcome. Attend as many sessions as you like.

We ask that you enroll ONCE to attend Art Chat sessions so we can send you the meeting link and notifications by email. If you’ve already participated, there is no need to re-enroll, you’re on the mailing list 🙂

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Program Details

Platform:Zoom will be used to hold the Art Chat sessions.
Schedule:1st Tuesday of each month (3rd is AiA monthly meeting). Sessions begin at 6:00 pm and run 1 to 1-1/2 hours depending on number of presenters.
Host:Jim Richards
Membership:AiA membership is not required to attend; however, as a benefit of membership, members will be first to present and will receive priority as time permits.
Enrollment:Enrolling one time here is necessary so we can send you Art Chat-related email notifications. Attend as many sessions as you like. Unsubscribe any time.
Artwork:Complete the “Image Submission for Show-n-Tell” form to send us any artworks (up to 3) that you would like to present.
Notifications:Prior to the session, participants will receive an email from Artists in Action with the meeting link and info.
Environment:When you join, you will be placed in a waiting room until the host starts the meeting. Select your audio connection. Participants may be muted upon entry. Video will be enabled, but you may choose to disable it on your end.

Rules of Engagement

Artists may choose to share their art, projects, process or other artistic topics and indicate whether or not a critique by others in attendance is desired. Those who offer critiques should be constructive, kind and discerning with the intention of helping and providing sparks of inspiration for improve­ment. If you have feedback you may raise your hand in the ‘Participants’ window. This will allow the host to call on you and unmute if needed. Audio/video and screen sharing may also be turned over to you. If the feedback is brief, you may type it in the ‘Chat’ window and a host will address it.

When it’s your turn to present, introduce yourself and share what you expect out of the interaction:

  • Critique: Show an art piece or project and request a critique/feedback
  • Show-n-Tell: Show an art piece or project to an audience without a critique
  • Other Share: Share a technique or something you find useful or interesting
  • Observe: Join without presenting; contributions to discussion optional

Our artistic journey, like all of life, is a constant learning experience. You may want to consider the art/design topics below for critique. Or, ask about whatever you feel will help you grow as an artist.

Quality of Presentation • Subject Matter • Medium • Theme • Voice • Stylistic Aspects • Palette • Presentation • Consistency • Technical Application

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