Jeanne Morrison Ground

I received a BA in art from Walla Walla University. In about 1986 I saw a computer program for drawing and “painting”. I was fascinated in both a personal and professional way. I spent the next 20 years discovering the wonderful world of digital art and doing medical illustrations. When printers came on the market that could print color, and later on canvas, I knew I had found my creative home.

Digital painting is versatile. It allows me to apply texture, transparency, even photographic elements in a given painting. One of my pieces incorporates portions of 20 photographs, some use no photo at all. Sometimes I just use a photo for background, or just the colors. Using a Wacom tablet, in addition to my computer allows me to paint much as I would with any brush. A pressure sensitive setting controls breadth of stroke: just press harder to get a wider brush stroke. 
At the July meeting, I plan to talk about the programs I use and how they work together.  I’ll have examples of using each one alone and together also how I use photographic components.  Some pieces I’ve just used for the colors in a photograph. I will also demonstrate how I go about starting a new piece using Adobe Illustrator since it is a  program that fewer people use. Depending on the time, I will show how I use some of the tools available.