Corrine Loomis-Dietz

Corrine Loomis-Dietz received a BFA from CWU with concentrations in Painting and Photography. She continues to develop her knowledge of process and materials through intensive trainings and maintaining a strong studio practice.

Current work investigates the abstract and physical reality of paint and process. Corrine’s abstract landscapes exhibit the interplay of a colorist, exploring structures of land, scribed by the human occupation.

Since 1999, Corrine has been a contract artist for GOLDEN Paints, teaching and lecturing about acrylic paint systems. This association with modern materials directly influences her work on many levels.

As a Northwest artist, Corrine’s paintings have been exhibited regionally and as far away as Miami. Her work has been included in several North Light books and local publications. In the past five years Corrine has been awarded four residencies and traveled to several major cities in the US to participate in intensive workshops in acrylic paint systems.

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