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Typically, this annual fundraising event is held at the Salem Art Fair & Festival in Bush Pasture Park in July. This year due to public health concerns, AiA’s Outside the Box fundraiser will be done via an online auction and the Salem Art Fair will be virtual — the art goes on!

Artists (both members and non-members) are encouraged to think ‘Outside the Box’ and create fantastic embellished boxes for a fundraising auction at the AiA booth (this year, online) during this annual art fair. It’s a festive showcase for members’ creativity and a great venue for community networking. One-of-a-kind, weird and quirky boxes are what the public has come to expect and appreciate at this event. Mediums and techniques include, but are not limited to, carved wood, assemblages, metalwork, fiber arts, glass / tile / ceramics and paint. Proceeds directly support AiA and its membership to help our artist community continue to thrive.

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Outside the Box Fundraiser is a GO for 2020!

Artists: While you’re inside your box, make something for Outside the Box. It’s unfortunate that July’s Salem Arts Festival was cancelled so we won’t be in our usual booth, but that won’t stop us from making awesomely creative boxes for our most popular fundraiser. For 2020, this AiA tradition has been re-envisioned as an online auction.

Auction to be Held Online

The Outside the Box auction will be conducted online using “Betterworld.org” This company is focused on non-profit organizations and offers a slick fundraising interface. The auction begins Monday, July 13 at 8:00 AM at artistsinaction.betterworld.org and runs thru Sunday, July 19 at 8:00 PM.

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Salem Art Fair to be Virtual

The Salem Art Association will this year be presenting a Virtual Art Fair to commemorate the third weekend in July during which the Salem Art Fair has been held for 70 years to date.

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Box Ideas & Guidelines

THE BOX:  Can be any type of container, any shape, with or without a lid. It can be functional or purely decorative. Boxes must be original, well constructed and finished (no raw edges, sloppiness, unevenness). It should be professional, artful and reflect a minimum value of $25.
MEDIUM:  You may paint, decorate, collage, etc., an existing box or create your own box. All mediums are acceptable including ceramic, paper, wood, tile, mosaic, metal, fiber, fabric, glass, etc.
SIZE: Any size box is ok, but if small, you may want to do a set of boxes, such as stacking or nesting. We want the bid item to be as substantial as possible to increase value and bidding activity. 
IDEAS:  Keepsake box, gift box, game box, assemblage box, travel box, a boxed-set, stacking boxes, nesting boxes, garden box, seed box, kitchen box, paint box, tool box, pencil box, hat box, magazine box, memory box, photo box, CD box, box with a surprise inside.
ACCEPTANCE: When we receive your box, a small committee will review it for originality, craftsmanship, and appropriateness for the success of the fundraiser. AiA reserves the right to not accept any donations that do not meet the criteria.

More Inspiration: 2019 Outside the Box Gallery

Participants: How to Provide Box Details

Artists who decorate and donate box(es) for auction should provide the box details using the OTB Donation/Participation Form here starting NOW, but no later than Thursday, July 9. You DO NOT need to provide photos, we’re going to do a photoshoot to get great shots that show the glory of your creations!

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Alternately, a write-in form will also available during box drop-off. 

Participants: When/Where to Drop Off Box(es)

Your completed boxes must be dropped off on either Sunday, July 5 (11:00-5:00) or Wednesday, July 8 (10:00-6:00) at Runaway Art & Craft Studio. They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. 311 Commercial St NE, Salem

Runaway Art & Craft Studio

Runaway Art & Craft Studio, 311 Commercial St NE, is a must-go-to for Salem’s creative spirits. Since June 2013, they have been part of the creative downtown scene, offering both supplies for and instruction in papercrafting, mixed media, memory arts, scrapbooking and related creative activities. Runaway has graciously agreed to host/display the boxes at their shop and provide a place where local winning bidders can pick up them up.

Visit Runaway’s Website

Outside the Box Timeline

DayDate  Description
ALL April–July 4 All artists invited to create a box to donate for the AiA fundraising auction
WEDJune 15Donation/participation form on AiA website is open to provide detail about the box(es) you are creating/donating
SUNJuly 511:00-5:00Finished box drop-off (preferred day) at Runaway Art & Craft Studio, 311 Commercial St NE, Salem
SUNJuly 5On-location photoshoot of boxes begins. AiA is conducting; artists DO NOT need to take photos
WEDJuly 810:00-6:00Finished box drop-off (alternate day) at Runaway Art & Craft Studio, 311 Commercial St NE, Salem
THURSJuly 911:00 PMDonation/participation form on AiA website closes. Last day to provide information about your box(es)
FRIJuly 10 8:00 AMImages of boxes from AiA phototshoot due
FRI-SUNJuly 10-12Auction site production & development
MONJuly 13 8:00 AMOnline auction begins at artistsinaction.betterworld.org
July 15-18
July 19
In-person box viewing available at Runaway Art & Craft Studio, 311 Commercial St NE, Salem. Note tho that bids must be entered online only
SUNJuly 19 8:00 PMOnline auction ends
SUN-TUE July 19-21Winning bid notifications and fulfillment communications
July 22-25
July 26
Local pick up of purchased boxes at Runaway Art & Craft Studio, 311 Commercial St NE, Salem
WEDJuly 22Shipping of out-of-state box purchases begins

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