Be on the Outside the Box team. We need people who can help setup on July 20th, sit the booth on the 21th, 22nd, 23rd, and help take the booth down on July 23rd after 5:00.

Booth Shifts: Need two people for each shift.  Write in your name and phone/cell #.   Parking; Allow at least ½ to 1 hr. before your shift to find parking and walk to the booth.   Festival Admission Pass ($10 value): Sign up by NOW. The volunteers will be able to pick up their passes at the volunteer booth at the Bush Barn entrance (a map is available on the website) when they are scheduled to volunteer. The volunteer coordinator will be there passing out lanyards or wristbands and confirming volunteers from the master list.

Fair Hours: Friday, July 21, 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday, July 22, 10 am to 7 pm; Sunday, July 23, 10 am to 5 pm

** Those with a box, bring your business cards!

Sign up below...

Booth Setup-July 20 - 4-9#1: John M.
#2: Cameron C.
Booth Sitting-July 21,10-12:30#1: Jacqueline J.
#2: Cameron C.
Booth Sitting-July 21,12:30-3:30#1: John M.
#2: Abel P.
Booth Sitting-July 21,3:30-7#1: Diane T.
Booth Sitting-July 22,10-12:30#1: Cameron C.
#2: Carah G.
Booth Sitting-July 22,12:30-3:30#1: Gay H.
#2: Tricia Y.
Booth Sitting-July 22,3:30-7#1: Melody F.
Booth Sitting-July 23,10-12:30#1: Susan A.
#2: Sierra C.
Booth Sitting-July 23,12:30-3:30#1: Carole P.
Booth Sitting-July 23,3:30-5#1: John M.
Booth Takedown - July 23, 5-9#1: John M.
#2: Cameron C.