Some Initial Ideas from AiA:

  • Keep our core shows in the 444 Gallery – Outside the Co-op
    • Springtime Exhibition
    • Paint & Write the Town
    • Something Red
  • Outside the Box is not included in the Co-op
  • Will need to create a Co-op Committee to organize/run the Co-op (4-5 people)
  • Would need to hang the shows – with a hanging sub-committee
  • Establish the shows/focus, including shows such as:
    • Featured artists – May have more space for a featured artist
    • Working with retirement homes for education/show
    • Veteran Show
    • Theme or Group shows rotated with Consignment shows
  • Rotate the artwork so artists have balanced access
  • May want to write a grant to initially help support

Co-op Basic Information

  • Organizing documents are being drafted
  • Everything is subject to change as we create and refine these documents
  • All members are expected to work on committees or provide support in some way
  • Dues are expected to be collected via AiA Membership
  • We would like to get a 6 month commitment from artists

Fee Structure – Subject to change

Category of ParticipantMonthly FeeArtist %AiA %Elsinore%Total
Co-op Member – Non-Sitting $       50.0050%30%20%100%
Co-op Member – Sit the gallery $       35.0060%20%20%100%
Guest Artist $               –  60%20%20%100%

Relationship with Elsinore – Subject to change


  • Will collect sales
  • Will make payments to Artists minus commission
  • Will report Artist income to IRS
  • Will report sales information to AiA/Co-op
  • Will stand in for gallery sitters when not available
  • Will provide advertising

AiA Co-op

  • Will collect Artist Fees
  • Will make payments to Elsinore for gallery space
  • Will organize and hang artwork
  • Will provide gallery sitters
  • Will provide commission % details to Elsinore
  • Will provide advertising and signage information to Elsinore

Committees and Responsibilities

  • Curatorial Planning Committee
    Shall be responsible for recommending to the Members for approval an annual list of all regular and special exhibits
  • Public Relations/Media Committee
    Shall be responsible for generating PR/Media opportunities, advertising, marketing, website management and signage for the Cooperative
  • Curating Committee
    Shall be responsible for curating the gallery and hanging the artwork
  • Reception Committee
    Shall work with the Curatorial Planning Committee & Members to ensure receptions are held for regular and featured artists exhibitions
  • Membership Committee
    This committee shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining application forms for Memberships and Consignment and reviewing applications
  • Work Scheduler Coordinator
    This person shall be responsible for managing the monthly gallery sitting calendar for the AiA Co-op
  • Basic Operations/Supplies
    This committee ensures that the gallery has basic supplies purchased and also monitors the gallery to see that maintenance of the gallery is brought to the Membership’s attention and that once agreed upon, schedules completion of that maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to be juried into the Co-op?
    – Yes, there will be a committee to review applications
  • How long can you show artwork?
    – As long as you would like
    – There may be themed or group exhibitions
  • Artwork rotation
    – Artwork will be rehung each month by hanging committee
    – Artists responsible for changing their artwork
    – Limit artwork to 3 months before changing it out
  • 444 Gallery – Existing gallery for shows
    – Outside Co-op – for existing shows (P&WTT, Something Red, Springtime Exhibition and other shows, and Elsinore shows)
  • We need to move out of the main gallery for the Watercolor Society Exhibition in October
  • Time commitment for gallery sitting – Target ~8 Depends on the number of sitting co-op members
  • Insurance?
    – All exhibiting artists (Member, Consignees and Special Exhibit Guest Artists) are expected to insure their art against damage, theft or loss.

AiA Co-op Next Steps

  • Organizing Meeting
    – A group of members interested in helping run the co-op will be formed
    – A meeting will be held in early December to review and refine organizing documents
    – Elsinore will be part of the review process
  • Documents will be provided for comment, feedback and finalizing
  • Agreements will be made with Elsinore to solidify the relationship
  • We will target to initiate the Co-op in the 1st quarter or 2023

AiA Co-op Interest Form

This form is used by individuals interested in the Elsinore AiA Co-op

    Specify they types of interest in the Co-op
  • Specify what you would be interested
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.