Submit an Application for Membership to the AiA Co-op

This application is for the AiA Co-op referred to as AIA Art Gallery.

Note: Please pay first using the blue Pay Application Fee button below, then enter the application. If you enter the application but not submit it and then try to pay, the application progress will be lost and you will need to restart the application. Composing the bio and artists statement beforehand is recommended, then copy and pasting the information into the application form. That way if you want to later make changes, you have a starting point to work from.

We are targeting ~8 hours of work per month per member on committee work and gallery sitting. We are seeking members that can make at least a 6 month commitment for the membership in the Co-op. Please use the form below to send an application, including at least us up to 3 images of artwork, that you would like us to consider with regard to you becoming a member of the AiA Co-op. This must be accompanied with an application fee of $25 in order for the application to be reviewed. If you are accepted into the Co-op, but the AiA Co-op has enough members of a certain type medium (such as 2D/wall pieces versus 3D/sculpture/jewelry) we may put you on a waiting list. Please pay the application fee here and then fill out the application.

AiA Co-op Member Application Form

This form contains formation submitted to AiA for application to the AiA Co-op

  • Specify the type of membership for which you are applying. Most artist chose the Standard Co-op Member. The Non-Sitting membership is for artists that can not go to the gallery and attend to gallery operations (sit the gallery).
  • Mark “Paid”, if paid using the above payment, or mark “Check if paying by check, or choose other if you are making other arrangements for payment.
  • Full name of the artist submitting the application
  • Phone number of submitter for addressing questions/clarification pertaining to the application and scheduling an interview with the committee.
  • Email address of submitter for questions/clarification pertaining to the application
  • Website of the Artist/submitter for additional information relating to the artists (if any). Not required.
  • Please specify the mediums for the artwork you are applying. Note that you must supply a sample for each medium selected. Note that once approved, you can only show those mediums accepted in the AiA Co-Op gallery. To add another medium, you must submit the AiA Co-Op Member Update form and be approved for any new mediums. If you remove a Medium, you must remove all artwork of that Medium from the AiA Co-op gallery. You should notify the Membership Committee of any change in Medium and apply for a new medium if you want to show/sell that type of artwork.
  • You can pre-approve a discount if a customer asks for one without needing to contact you. Enter your pre-approved discount details here or leave blank for no pre-approved discount. You can enter things such as: “10%” for all items can receive a 10% discount; “>$100 10%, > $500 15%”; “10% except for cards and ‘Special Item Title'”; “No discount” or blank for no discounts allowed; “5% or Call artist”, or similar constraints.
  • The artist can allow customers to purchase on a layaway play (3 months, or 4 months for a large purchase).
  • Please supply a short Bio that describes your background and artwork. This may be used for advertising and materials for the gallery in addition to reviewing your application for suitability to the co-op. Include a resume or shows in which you have exhibited your art. 2,000 character max. Keep it concise and interesting.
  • Please supply a short Artist statement. For example, consider a three-paragraph statement that begins with a broad overview of your ideas, then an explanation of your materials, and end with a description of your personal philosophies. Include information that would be interesting to other members trying to sell your art and to potential clients. This may be used for advertising and materials for the gallery in addition to reviewing your application for suitability to the co-op. 2,000 character max. Keep it concise and interesting.
  • Enter details for for at least three images of your artwork. The artwork one submits on the  application should be representative of what you will be showing in the gallery, but does not necessarily need to be those exact pieces. Start with the first piece of art you would like to submit and then click the + symbol after the Description field to add details for additional artwork. Note: You should have a Title, Medium and Size entry for each image file submitted. Remember to use the Plus sign in the circle (+) to the right below to add another line of Title/Medium/Size for your artwork.
    Artwork TitleMediumSizeDescription 
  • You may upload up to 20 images. Please include Artist_Title_MediaSize in your filename if possible. Example: Richards_Finch_Trio_Oil_5x7.jpg. Filetypes accepted: jpg, jpeg, gif, png or pdf; MAX 5mb for each image, 64 mb max total.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg, Max. file size: 5 MB, Max. files: 20.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.