AiA Membership Payments Are No Longer Being Done Via PayPal

You May Need to Check Your PayPal Account Settings

Contributed by Jim Schaff, AiA Vice President & Membership Coordinator

Since the inception of our new site, we are no longer using PayPal to process the membership dues. However, some members have their PayPal accounts set to automatically renew their memberships, so an erroneous charge of $35 is going thru. AiA has no control over this. When it happens we must issue refunds.

If this happened to you or you set your AiA membership to auto-renew, you’ll need to go into your PayPal account to cancel this automatic payment. Please check your account and turn off the auto renewal setting. AiA cannot access your personal account so we appreciate your help with this.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Jim at

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Did You Know?

When renewing your AiA membership on this website, your username is the first letter of your first and last name. We had to input a user name when transferring membership to the new system and chose to use each member’s initials. We’re now using PaidMembershipsPro, an application that gives us better control over membership administration including payments and renewal notifications.

Stripe has replaced PayPal as our “payment gateway” for processing membership payments; it’s a better interface. We now offer multiple Membership Levels. Choose the level (payment plan) that works best for you: monthly, quarterly or annual renewal – with or without auto-renewal – and with or without the member gallery option.

The Member Gallery option provides members with the opportunity to have their very own digital image gallery on the AiA website where they can display up works of art and links to their sites. See Galleries

We have been working very hard to make many improvements such as our new website and a brand new springtime juried exhibit. We’re counting on your continued membership to help us with these efforts and keep our artist community strong, and we thank you for your contributions.