Art Scene Contributions

We welcome contributions to the “Art Scene” page by AiA Members and organizations we’re affiliated with. This includes:

  • Gallery or event exhibitions where your art is being shown or where you are a featured artist.
  • Classes, workshops, retreats and such that you are hosting or managing.
  • Art programs and events that you are chairing or personally involved with.
  • Calls for artists and other art related activities that you are truly connected to.

Contributions will be reviewed and posted at our discretion. To get started, click “Yes! I have an Art Scene contribution to share” below then provide the event details.

Please note: Because the focus of this page is to provide details on occurrences within our own art community, the following types of listings cannot be posted here: 1) Random events or galleries ‘out there’ that you are not personally participating in or connected with; 2) Links to personal websites or social media pages; 3) Info about general art organizations not specifically associated with Artists in Action or a member of AiA.