Linda Flicker

All my work is created using the photographic technique of light painting, a process which allows for the precise application of light using a single source. Using a flashlight, a long exposure, and a completely darkened studio I “paint” light onto a single aspect in the scene, one aspect at a time, until the entire composition is captured.

One of my favorite things about light painting is that there is no need for digital manipulation to get such an outcome. All the light, colors, shading and shadows are done in camera and created by using a flashlight. Photoshop is only utilized for the technical aspects of combining the many images necessary to end up with a single photo of the entire scene. I love that the technology is only used for the logistics of creating a digital image and leaves the creativity and outcome in the hands of the artist.

It’s such a satisfying experience to be able to emphasize and show shapes, textures and colors in such a way that may not have otherwise been revealed or even noticed with another photographic technique. I just love the mood that light painting evokes and I especially love the “painterly” effect that can emerge.

Light painting is the perfect match for still life photography. I just love creating my own scenes and making my own reality. I sign my work Linda Louise because I owe what creativity I have to my mom, Janet Louise whom I’ve watched create and make beauty all my life.

I am a member of the Keizer Art Association and Salem’s Artists in Action and am having a great time showing at local exhibits.

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Shows & Awards

DEC 2019Artist Showcase,
Keizer Art Association
Second Place Photography
AUG 2019Member Showcase,
Keizer Art Association
First Place Photography
JUN 2019Photography Showcase,
Keizer Art Association,
Second Place &
Honorable Mention
JUN 2019Photography Invitational,
Elsinore Gallery
First Place
MAY 2019Keizer Art AssociationHonorable Mention Photography
MAR 2019Something Purple,
Keizer Art Association
First Place Photography
DEC 2018Open Artist Showcase,
Keizer Art Association
First Place Photography
& People’s Choice
DEC 20182018- Something Red,
Artists in Action
Elsinore Gallery Exhibition
NOV 2018Black, White and Gray,
Keizer Art Association
People’s Choice