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Artwork by Diane Trevett

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Artist Summary

Diane Trevett is a Salem artist who uses painting and drawing media to explore botanical and nature subjects. She is fascinated by their unique form, diverse color and hidden details, and uses the final composition to enhance these qualities.

Artist’s Statement

My approach to drawing and painting reveals my emotional and spiritual response to my subject. I am inspired by botanical life: plants and flowers, their leaves, petals, and buds. Starting with the basic structure of the plant, I examine details that are not readily apparent. Thus, I exaggerate line, pattern, movement, color and positive/negative space to enhance the composition. As I depart from realistic representation, an abstraction and stylization emerges.

At times I will change-up my brushwork. I seem to have at least three styles that I use, depending on what emotion I want to evoke in the work, and what emotion and structure my subject is revealing to me. Those three styles involve either compact, smoothly rendered strokes using filbert brushes with a little bit of cross-hatching lines here and there; or using flat brushes that give a squared-off edge to my strokes; or very loose and expressive brushwork for my abstract images using filbert and round brushes.

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