Kathleen Kathy Haney, Spring Eternal Judge

Artist’s Statement

As long as I can remember I have loved observing, drawing and creating. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creations and man’s designs, it is an awesome and humbling experience to express these in my own images and by my own hands.

My passion has become intensified through watercolor. I love the translucency, movement and vibrancy of the medium. My background in sculpture pushes me to create strong forms and my love of color is evident. It is important to me that, not only should my work be appreciated from a distance but also engage the viewer on close inspection.

The bottom line is, I love to paint and any subject can inspire an idea, any situation become reason to create.


Workshop Study with National Watercolorists: Jan Kunz, Mel Stabin, Frank Francese, Stan Miller
Western Oregon University
Chemeketa Community College
University of Oregon BS in Art Education

Art by Kathy Haney

For her works of art, Kathy has won 34 awards… and counting.