Steve Rodgers, Something Red Judge

About the Artist

Steve Rodgers visualizes the concept of Dataism—the constant bombardment of data humans consume on a daily basis—through his mixed media art.

Steve explores the beauty of typography by manipulating characters of various shape, size, and color to represent human forms. He disrupts the brain’s natural tendency and desire to recognize the white space surrounding letters, numbers and symbols, combine them into words and sentences, and communicate a specific message. His intention is to invite viewers to individually experience how letters are discovered, how the juxtaposition of letters form new and different words, and ultimately, how these personal words tell a unique story.

After working a couple decades as a graphic designer, Steve had his first solo art show in a little San Francisco cafe in 2014. Since then, he has exhibited in several galleries and group art shows in both California and Oregon. His accomplishments include winning a first place blue ribbon at the 2019 Oregon State Fair, and more importantly, five years of donating art to raise money for those in need.

Art by Steve Rodgers

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