Jeff Hall, 2019 Something Red Juror-Judge

Member, McMinnville Center for the Arts
Member, The Green Cab – A Washington County Artist Collective

Jeffrey Hall followed up his exceptional high school art education majoring in art at Portland State University. He made his living in the graphic arts industry for over 27 years.

Hall enjoys using up-cycled, industrial and organic materials in his art-making process. He takes in energy and imagery from his surroundings and re-imagines it: building layers, revealing and obscuring to develop a physical, visceral and spiritual connection. His love of texture and pattern comes from observing his grandmother sew handmade quilts, communing in nature, and fascination with mechanized processes. His images and themes are cyclical, spiraling, and transformational.

During his high school years Hall received the “coordinators award” for “best in show” in the all-Oregon high school show from James T. Mattingly, head art professor of Oregon College of Education. Jeffrey was selected to be his high school representative in the inaugural TAG program for high school artists at the Museum Art School (now PNCA). Hall was awarded the Lucille S. Welch Memorial Art Scholarship while attending Portland State University.

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