Call to Artists for ‘Outside the Box’ Boxes

Call to Artists for Outside the Box

Get into your mind. Think outside the box. Join in the fun of creating a one-of-a-kind box (or two) that only the depths of your imagination can conjure. Both AiA Members and Salem area artists are encouraged to participate in this annual fundraising event which is held concurrently with the Salem Art Fair & Festival. The donation of your artistic talent in box form is greatly appreciated by the AiA organization as well as the recipients of the objects d’art. We all enjoy seeing the fantastic creativity that has surfaced over the years. All boxes will be featured in a gallery on the AiA website.

For 2022 both the Salem Art Fair & Festival and AiA’s Outside the Box Annual Fundraiser will be in the physical realm once again. Artists in Action will have a booth at the fair which will be held in Salem’s Bush Pasture Park on July 15, 16 & 17, 2022.

Box Ideas & Guidelines

THE BOX:  Can be any type of container, any shape, with or without a lid. It can be functional or purely decorative. Boxes must be original, well constructed and finished (no raw edges, sloppiness, unevenness). It should be professional, artful and reflect a minimum value of $25.
MEDIUM:  You may paint, decorate, collage, etc., an existing box or create your own box. All mediums are acceptable including ceramic, paper, wood, tile, mosaic, metal, fiber, fabric, glass, etc.
SIZE: Any size box is ok, but if small, you may want to do a set of boxes, such as stacking or nesting. We want the bid item to be as substantial as possible to increase value and bidding activity. 
IDEAS:  Keepsake box, gift box, game box, assemblage box, travel box, a boxed-set, stacking boxes, nesting boxes, garden box, seed box, kitchen box, paint box, tool box, pencil box, hat box, magazine box, memory box, photo box, CD box, box with a surprise inside.
ACCEPTANCE: When we receive your box, a small committee will review it for originality, craftsmanship, minimum value and appropriateness for the success of the fundraiser. AiA reserves the right to not accept any donations that do not meet the criteria.

Additional Details to Come

The 2022 event is in the planning stages. We’ll post additional info, such as booth location, event timeline, how to providing box details and where to drop them off here as it becomes available. Stay tuned.