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Soulgraphic Studio Photography & Thread Art - the essence of expression

Soulgraphic Studio Photography™ is Yakov and Danielle Baghdanov.

This is a family business located in Salem and operating within Salem-Keizer and the Willamette Valley.

Please visit our site for more information.

Many Thanks,
Yakov and Danielle
Entered: 05/05/2012 11:27

How to Photograph Art or just about anything else
"How to Photograph Art or just about anything else" by J R Compton
Great resource! Lots of great information and many links to other useful information.
Entered: 10/12/2012 11:02

Art Department Inc.
Quality Art Supplies at affordable prices
254 Commercial St NE, Salem 97301
(503) 364-7465 / (800) 736-2591
Fax (503) 581-8136
Entered by: Kathy Lull on 04/09/2009 14:36

Keizer Art Association
980 Chemawa Rd NE
Keizer Heritage Center
Keizer, OR 97303
Keizer Art Association is the perfect venue to display your art, take art classes and participate in the local art scene. Visit the website for a complete list of monthly shows for 2011. Attend the artists' reception the first Saturday of the month. Participate in the annual Art Materials Sale, the RiverFair and the City of Keizer Mayor's Invitational and Winter Art Sale. A great group and complement to the Artists in Action activities.
Entered: 04/24/2009 21:00

Design Dance is a web design/development company, specializing in creative solutions for small businesses.

Great design at an affordable price!

Entered by: Phil Krug on 10/31/2010 11:58

Guidelines and suggestions for artists to help locate opportunities to display art in Salem during First Wednesdays - and throughout the year. These were created by working artists for emerging artists.

Entered: 06/26/2011 09:40
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Arts Commission - Oregon Cultural Trust
775 Summer Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-1280
(503) 986-0087 direct
Entered: 02/25/2010 12:36
Custom Readymade Frame and Economy metal Frame programs from Elsinore Gallery!
Attached is a document detailing Elsinore Gallery's new Custom Readymade Frame and Economy metal Frame programs. Large selection at affordable pricies.

PDF: crfem_brochure-1.pdf
Entered: 05/19/2011 09:30

FoxBlue - fox blueprinting company, Inc.
Great service is the key to success in most any business. Outstanding quality is equally important. At FoxBlue we work to exceed your expectations by offering superior customer service, competitive pricing and years of experience.

141 Commercial St NE
Salem Oregon 97301
Entered: 07/26/2011 13:36

Art Calendar Magazine: An Art Business Orientated Magazine
Art Calendar is the industry’s foremost business magazine for visual artists. Founded in 1986, Art Calendar acts as a beacon to guide artists on their journey toward making a living with their art.

Written by knowledgeable industry pros and successful working artists, Art Calendar offers artists practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as advanced technical applications of photography, computer and Web tools. It also offers the most extensive and recent listings of Calls to Artists, including galleries reviewing portfolios, juried competitions, grants, fellowships, festivals, publishing opportunities and residencies.
Entered: 04/25/2009 14:49

Artworks Venue
I'd like to invite AiA members to join the Artworks Venue website. It's a website for artists worldwide. I received an e-mail invitation to join and found it to be a very nice website. Whether you decide to join or not, its fun to browse the site and see what artists are doing in Spain, Germany, Italy, South America, Australia, Japan, or anywhere that interests you. The website home page is:

If you would like to see how I am listed within this structure you can click on Browse Artists, then click on United States, and look from there. Or (more directly) go to:

There's no cost for joining this site and you can post your artwork, get comments from other artists around the world, and who knows? - maybe you will make a connection or find an opportunity to sell your work.
Entered by: Tricia Young on 11/19/2009 13:48

WebPictureFrame is an outstanding source of all things related to your framing needs.

WebPictureFrames is a Eugene Oregon company!

They have 3 "locations" in Eugene. One is their virtual store, WebPictureFrames.

What I really like about WebPictureFrames is that all the framing components are "a la carte". You can choose your hardware, mounting board, glass and securing hardware options.

They also sell all these options in quantity and you can save even more. I can't tell you how many times we end up throwing hardware away that comes with pre-packaged frame "kits".

Additionally I noted that WebPictureFrames ONLY provides "plastic" glass for their frames. If you want true glass then you have to pick up your order at one of their stores in Eugene. True glass is a few cents more then as their "regular acrylic sheet" prices.

There are two "brick & mortar" stores that are part of the same family of companies, Vistra Framing & Gallery and The Vistra Framing Outlet store.

Vista Framing and Gallery
160 East Broadway
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Vistra Framing Outlet store
806 Charnelton St
Eugene, Or 97401

The Vistra Framing Outlet store offers artists and others a fun and friendly location to come and order wholesale framing products, plus teach them how to do framing themselves. People can choose to do much of their own framing or non of it the choice is theirs. The frames and glass will always cut for them, but they have tools that they can use to assemble their work right on the spot. They have very knowledgeable trained staff that can answer any framing question they might have. Our staff and framers will really teach them how to do framing projects themselves so they can save money by doing the labor intensive parts of the framing themselves.

Entered by: Phil Krug (503) 881-3867 on 09/10/2010 20:01

This Eugene Oregon makes some very interesting and useful components for framing fine art and fine art photographs.

I "discovered" FrameTek Inc. while trying to solve the problem of framing photographs without using a mat.

Please check out their FrameSpace, EconoSpace & RabbetSpace products.

The FrameTek web site has all kinds of GREAT instructions and hints.

Frame spacing products are far and few between and most times they are only sold to retail framing shops. FrameTek will sell directly to artists. Just give them a call.

I am using their EconoSpace system, in their the 1/16 (0.062") Clear offering. I paid about $36 plus $6.64 shipping for 100 feet of this product. I comes in 5 foot lengths. The 1/16" size will work for prints up to and including 12 X 18. Anything bigger will require larger EconoSpace pieces. One 5 foot piece of the 1/16" product will do one 12 X 18 frame. This comes out to about $2.15 per 12 X 18 frame. I picked up a similar product from Aaron Brothers Frames last week for about $1 per foot which would have come out to about $5.00 per 12 X 18 frame.

Entered by: Phil Krug (503) 881-3867 on 09/10/2010 20:16

Artist legal resource
If you have legal questions regarding copyright law, gallery consignments and other areas concerning art and the law:

Swider Medeiros Haver, LLP
621 SW Morrison Street Suite 1420
Portland Oregon 97205


Direct Line - (503) 295- 2787 FAX (503)295-2737 www.SMHLLAW.COM


Entered: 03/03/2010 14:05
Art & Print Disclosure Laws
A number of states, including Oregon, have laws governing art sales. The laws in California, of course, are more strict. These laws are important for all artists to know, but especially those who sell from a website, since a buyer might live, and do his purchasing, from any state.

Here is some of the information an art dealer must provide to a purchaser of a multiple, or reproduction, when the sale takes place in California. I'm not sure if 'art dealer' is defined in the same way in California, but in Oregon, an art dealer "means an individual, partnership, firm, association or corporation, other than a public auctioneer, that undertakes to sell a work of fine art created by another", which is a pretty broad definition, and it says nothing about sellers fees.
(1) The artist's name,
(2) If the artist's name appears on the multiple, a statement about whether the multiple was personally signed by the artist,
(3) If the multiple was not signed by the artist personally, a statement of the source of the artist's name,
(4) A description of the medium or process and the material used to produce the multiple,
(5) If the multiple is "a photomechanical or photographic type of reproduction, or as to sculptures a surmoulage or other form of reproduction of sculpture cases, or an image produced in a different medium, for a purpose other than the creation of the multiple being sold, a statement of this information and the respective mediums; and if this last statement applies, and the multiple is not signed, a statement whether the artist authorized or approved in writing the multiple or the edition of which the multiple being sold is one." [this one is a bit long, but I wanted to show just how complicated the laws can be.].

The list is actually much longer than that, but you get the idea...

So, if SmugMug sells one of my photos to someone from California (value more than $100), SmugMug must provide at least some of that information (whatever applies), which means that I must have given it to them, and must have ensured that the information gets passed along to the buyer. If I don't, and the buyer complains, penalties can be very stiff ($1000 fine, plus a permanent injunction against continuing sales until the problem is fixed).

Here are some of the links available for study:
From the publication, American Artist:
From the Fine Art Registry library:
From Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 359.200 to 359.365:

Entered by: Rick Ground on 06/06/2010 10:24

Professional Artist Magazine Special Offer
Professional Artist Magazine Online

Subscribe now for 1 year (10 issues) of the digital version of Professional Artist Magazine Magazine for ONLY $19.95, plus receive a FREE tube of Torrit Grey paint by Gamblin Artists Colors. Access Professional Artist Magazine instantly! Just sign up and receive your PDF version through e-mail!

For digital subscription questions, contact Amanda Rayno at

Entered: 06/02/2011 11:00

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